Name: Jah+ Membership (Lifetime)
Price: 100.00 USD

Do you want to become an elite player?

Get the Jah+ membership! 

The Jah+ membership is a way to support the server on a regular basis! It grants you a rank in addition to your playtime rank, so you get all the bonuses without losing the progress you've already made! You can either get a lifetime subscription here, or you can use the other option to start a monthly membership for $15/month. See below for a full list of perks!

Perks (TownyClassic):

  • Access to a wide range of cosmetics (Pets, mounts, gadgets, etc.)
  • Access to a separate world for creative mode
  • The ability to use the head database to retrieve custom decorations/heads
  • Access to a donator lounge / casino
  • Free random donator items biweekly
  • Exclusive chat channel
  • The ability to set up to 15 homes
  • The ability to use all current and future custom crafting recipes (see #custom-recipes in discord)
  • /ptime and /pweather commands
  • /workbench and /enderchest commands
  • Ability to use colored and formatted chat
  • /skull command
  • Ability to use nicknames
  • 3 full size player vaults
  • Ability to buy up to 10 lottery tickets 
  • /back command (not onto deathpoint)